Films from Festival of Wonder

Films from Festival of Wonder 2017

Festival of Wonder 2017 (4:43)



Trailer for Festival of Wonder 2017
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Photostory for Festival of Wonder 2017



Films from Festival of Wonder 2015

Before and during the Festival of Wonder 2015 we produced several films and photo stories.
The films are all recorded and edited by David Draad with interviews by Sofia Søland.

Click on the links below and experience the many wonderful performances and scenes from the festival.

Festival of Wonder

Festival of Wonder 2015 (6:24)
Experience great moments from the festival. A film by David Draad with interviews by Sofia Søland.

Festival of Wonder teaser trailerFestival teaser (1:27)
Before the festival David Draad made a teaser with clips from many of the festival’s performances.

Festival of Wonder - biografreklameCinema Advertising (0:40)
In Bio Silkeborgs 6 cinemas were shown the festival cinema advertising for about 2 weeks before the festival. This advertising is with clips from performances which were shown during the festival. It is also produced by David Draad.

A Poetic Meeting in the MoonlightA Poetic Meeting in the Moonlight (1:45)
David Draad produced a special version of the show “A Poetic meeting in the Moonlight” with the 8 meter high puppet. The show was performed outside Jysk Music Theatre at 3 shows during the festival.

FestivalofwonderphotostoryFestival of Wonders Photostory (5:31)
Festival of Wonder has also made a “Photo Story” with clips from performances during the festival.

Festival of Wonder 2017